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Bittersweet day at Crazy Rays

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Sunday was a good day for the junkyard, but it took a turn for the worse when I was moseying through the Germans section..... 1978 BMW 535i in halfway decent shape. no major rust just some surface stuff. Was an auto but had the straight six in it, not sure which engines came in the E12. Only noticeable issue was a large dent on the driverside rear quarterpanel. I have tried to buy whole cars from this place before and it's always a nightmare, but I'd figure I'd give it a try... They wouldn't even talk to me unless I had 6k in hand... Then again they also wanted 2k for a rusted out ram charger. So I guess it's all relative. Picture is not the one but exactly the same except the color was a light grey. I ended up getting some helper springs for the ram and scoping out a potential diff for the crown vic, so the day wasn't a loss but still sad.


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